Cooler Master CK720 65% Mechanical Gaming Keyboard - Silver White

Cooler Master CK720 65% Hot-Swappable Mechanical Gaming Keyboard - Silver White (UK Layout)



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Cooler Master CK720 65% Hot-Swappable Mechanical Gaming Keyboard - Silver White (UK Layout)

£53.58 £44.65
  • Portable 65% layour with Hot-Swappable mechanical switches
  • Removable aluminium top plate for ease of maintenance
  • Silicone plate dampener to help reduce noise during use
  • 3-Way customisable dial
  • Easy-to-use software and on-the-fly controls. USB-C Connectivity
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Cooler Master CK720 65% Mechanical Gaming Keyboard - Silver White (UK Layout)

CK720 65% Gaming Keyboard

SickleFlow 120 ARGB White Edition, a new series of the CoolerMaster Fan family, provides a specific air cooling solution ideal for CPU coolers and chassis in-take fans. Optimized blade design with updated curve that improves air flow and air pressure. Enhanced frame structure, reducing turbulent flow and noise and increasing overall work efficiency. Sealed and secured fan bearing, preventing dust and lubricating oil leakage while increasing the fan’s operation stability and life span.

Hot-Swappable Switches For Easy Customisation

Upgrade your keeb with the latest and greatest hyped switches without the need for a soldering gun. Whether you’re on team Gateron, prefer fancy Alpacas, or you’re a hardcore Boba boi, we’ve got you covered.

Enthusiast-Level Kailh Box V2 Switches - Plus Some Extra CHERRY MX GREENS on The Side

See and feel why this hobby’s exploded in recent years with new factory-lubed Kailh Box V2 switches, known for their smoothness and satisfying sound. Don’t be surprised if it becomes the gateway into the world of other switches. In addition, we’ve also added 8 extra CHERRY MX Green switches on the side — a heavy clicky switch that we love using in our modifier keys.

New, Optimised Cooler Master Stabs

The CK720 is the first keyboard to utilize our new and improved stabilizers — optimized for minimal rattle, and pre-lubed for smoother travel. Plus they’re in a sexy purple color. After all, in this hobby it’s all about Aesthetics.

Silicone Padding

We hate when boards sound hollow or plasticky. That’s why the CK720 comes with 2 separate silicone dampening pads: on the PCB and filling in the bottom cover. This not only absorbs the noise of keys, but enhances them so you get that thock and/or clack that’s incredibly satisfying for you — but maybe not as pleasing to those around you.

Premium Keycaps Without The Wear or Shine

If you’re copping the CK720 in the US/UK/TC layout, you’ll get PBT doubleshot keycaps in your kit. PBT is the more durable cousin to standard ABS keycaps — protected from that unsightly shine from extended use. In addition, doubleshot construction means the legends are free from wearing off.

Rugged, Durable Design and Removable Top Plate

The CK720 is built to last, with a thoughtful design that’s equal parts minimalistic and rugged, with an aluminum top plate that is easily removable for customization or easy access for maintenance.


*Lever to remove the top plate is located underneath the dongle cover. Pull the lever towards the front of the keyboard to loosen the top plate for removal. If you accidentally press the lever or decide not to remove it, place your thumbs on the left and right side of the keyboard top plate and gently rock it side to side to lock it back into place.

Take Control with A Precise Dial

Better known as “rotary encoders” in nerdier circles, a three-way precision dial enables you to adjust volume, cycle through color modes, and more — all customizable via our MasterPlus+ software.

MasterPlus+ Suite Support

Adjust all your settings with our MasterPlus software, a unified control hub where managing all of your Cooler Master gear is easier than ever. Adjust all of your settings from one dashboard, and even sync your lighting settings across multiple devices with ease.


*To ensure optimal use of the product, please download the MasterPlus+ software and update the latest firmware.

No Software Required

When you’re in a groove, the last thing you want to do is Alt+Tab out to adjust your keyboard settings. The CK720 combats that with an innovative On-the-fly System. In the heat of battle, easily adjust per-key backlighting, switch lighting modes, and even record macros with just a few keypresses. Get the functionality of software without needing to have software bloating your system - saving you time and precious PC resources.

RGB Per-Key Backlighting

No-nonsense backlighting for a no-nonsense keyboard - illuminate your keys based on control schemes, or just do it because it looks cool with 16.7 million colors to mix and match.

Two-Step Kickstand for Improved Ergonomics

Adjustable feet improves the ergonomics of the CK720 by letting you control the angle of the keys to reduce wrist strain.

Enhance Your Brand with Accessories

Coming soon we'll have a braided coiled cable, PBT keycap sets and colored aluminum top plates for you to customize and truly make the CK720 yours.

More Information
Is Discontinued No
Brand Cooler Master
UPC/EAN 4719512131442
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You're reviewing:Cooler Master CK720 65% Hot-Swappable Mechanical Gaming Keyboard - Silver White (UK Layout)
Keyboard Switch Type Kailh Box V2 Mechanical Switch (Red/White/Brown)
Keyboard Keycaps US/TC/UK: PBT double-shot Keycaps, OEM Profile Other layouts: ABS Painting & Laser-engraved, OEM Profile
Keyboard Material Aluminium, Plastic
Keyboard Colour Space Gray, Silver White
Keyboard LED Colour RGB, 16.7 million colours
Keyboard Polling Rate 1000 Hz
Keyboard Response Time 1 ms
On-the-fly System Yes
Keyboard Multimedia Key Through Function Key (FN)
Connectivity Wired with detachable cable
Compatible OS Windows 8+, Mac OS X 10.10+
Software Support Cooler Master MasterPlus+
Keyboard Cable 1.8 m, USB Type C to Type A, Detachable & PVC
Keyboard Dimensions (L x W x H) Standard: 334 x 118 x 37 mm
Keyboard Weight 950 g / 2.094 lbs (without Cable)
Warranty 2 years
Keyboard Type Mechanical